Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Terrible Two's

Before I got too far out from last October,  (because waiting until January isn't that late right?) I wanted to take a minute and post about Gabe. He's Two! And pretty awesome at being two.  We were afraid that the "terrible two's " were on there way, but so far they've just been terribly awesome, sprinkled with just a little defiance here and there. Testing the waters, so to say.  In preparation for the all the fires we were going to be putting out with our little 2 year old, we held a Fire House party complete with inflatable Fire House, which now lives in our basement next to Ruben. Sometimes I wonder if it is Ruben or Gabe that turns it on because it is pretty cool.
There's a dog in our fire house

Happy Birthday Gabe! We love you

Cheese :)

Thanks for the gifts!


We had a little "melt down while opening presents, but with this theme, I would have been disappointed if we hadn't. It was nothing that a fire on a cake couldn't cure.  

Now there's a happy boy

Friends Taking a ride.
Cake with Grandma Kay

The Pinata was a hit! haha

Thanks to everyone for coming

See ya Next Time!
 It seemed like the kids all had a great time, and we had enough distractions..or umm... activities to keep the kids busy so the "adults"- we use that term loosely- could sit and talk too.  There were animals in the trees around the back yard waiting to be rescued by our little Fire Chiefs, the Dalmation Pinata, and plenty of sugar to keep their engines running while they played badminton, yard bowling, and just causing general havoc.

 We are sure lucky and blessed to be surrounded by such great people. It was a really great day to sit and celebrate our little guy and we appreciate all of you coming out to join us while we did.  Now that there are two little people in our life, I'm sure our October parties are just going to continue to grow along with our love for the kids and all of you too!


  1. Did you make the cake. I love you so much and the pictures were so much fun. Keep posting more blogs :)

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  3. I did make the cake. It was a lot of fun. Red Icing, then send him home to Hil... maybe should have thought that through more, but he liked it :)