Monday, April 25, 2011

It's ok.....

"I think I'm dying."
"You're not dying."
"Are you sure, because really I could be?"
"I'm sure."
"But what if I have pneumonia and I'm killing the baby??"
"How would you have pneumonia?"
"Well, the other night when we ran humidifier it got pretty cold in our room AND when I woke up it was raining from the ceiling on my face from all the water, I could have gotten it then."
"It was still over 65 degrees in our room, you don't have pneumonia."
"I could have squished the baby from all my coughing. What if I squished her (gender still unkown) and I'm feeling sick because my body's trying to tell me something is wrong???"
"You didn't squish 'her'."
"I could ha.."
"No, you didn't."
"Well, when I spoke with the doctors office this week they told me that if I had a fever combined with the body aches and cough that I should go to Instant Care, do you think I have a fever?"
"Let's See".........."No, you don't have a fever. Do you think you need to go to Instant Care?"
Sigh.."I don't know... I mean.... I'm really achy and nothing is helping, but if I don't have a fever probably not. But you're the logical one right now so you tell me..."
"Baby, you're fine. I'm sorry you don't feel good but it's just a cold. You'll feel better in the morning."

And damn it all, I did. I never thought it would be so nice to be so wrong.

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  1. oh no! this post is horrible in retrospect.

    and kind of even funnier.